AIJN's EU sustainability legislation database

What is it?

Complying with sustainability targets and rules can be challenging for any industry. AIJN's newest innovation, the AIJN EU sustainability legislation database is a digital tool that provides up-to-date information and impact assessment on every (!) existing, as well as every upcoming EU-level sustainability legislation that has an influence on the fruit juice industry. From farming to bottling, the database contains relevant information for every supply chain actor to support them in monitoring regulatory changes. The impact assessment demonstrates who exactly is affected by the legislation along the value chain, and to what degree. The tool is available through the AIJN website to all AIJN members and to individual subscribers.

What does it offer?

Integrating AIJN's EU sustainability legislation database to your work has several benefits, regardless of position or company size:

  • Quick knowledge: concise information on EU Regulations, Directives, Strategies or Communications impacting the fruit juice sector
  • Clear understanding: helps navigation across many EU laws by organising rules into simplified topics
  • Impact assessment: identifies level of impact on the industry and on the specific supply chain actor
  • Regular updates: continuously tracks legislative changes, deadlines and new targets Available opportunities: provides up-to-date information on new EU funding schemes

Who is it for?

The tool is particularly useful for regulatory and sustainability experts, lawyers, public affairs managers, policy officers or program managers. Anyone working for industry associations, international organizations and companies - including SMEs - can find relevant information in the database.

Interested to know more?

Do not hesitate to reach out to Justine Pradels, AIJN's Sustainability & Technical Affairs Manager at