EJCS – Union of European Juice Control Systems

In order to harmonise already developed systems and to make industrial control even more effective and efficient the EU fruit juice industry through its representative association the AIJN founded the European Quality Control System (EQCS) in 1994. EQCS was the umbrella organisation for European market and bottler inspections until November 2018.

The Juice CSR Platform

The Juice CSR Platform is an initiative developed by AIJN with the aim to create a space for collaboration and continuous improvement on sustainability matters, involving all value chain stakeholders - from fruit producers and processors, traders, bottlers and retailers, all the way to civil society organisations. These work together to find solutions to common CSR challenges. The current activity focus is around 3 country-crop combinations - Brazil-orange, Poland-apple, Thailand-pineapple – where these supply chains are carefully analysed and where joint sustainability projects are then implemented.

Fruit Juice Science Centre

Welcome to the Fruit Juice Science Centre. We provide evidence-based information to consumers, journalists and healthcare professionals on the role of 100% fruit juice in diets and health.