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Next generation EU agriculture

16 - 17 DECEMBER 2020

From the Covid-19 crisis to green recovery This year’s edition will reflect on the lessons learnt from the Covid-19 crisis and look at pathways to a green recovery.

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The Sustainability of European Food Systems

22 OCTOBER 2020

Summary note on the webinar : “The Sustainability of European Food Systems - The Impact of the F2F Strategy on the Juice Industry”


The Challenges of Banana Production: Pathogens, Breeding, and Sustainability

20 OCTOBER 2020

An interview with Dr. Miguel Dita with The Alliance of Bioversity International and The International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), to examine the challenges of sustainable banana production.


Native forests´ preservation in the Brazilian citrus belt

6 OCTOBER 2020

Study conducted by Fundecitrus on native vegetation and biodiversity in the Brazilian citrus belt (video available). The research showed that there is one hectare dedicated to environmental preservation to every 2.52 hectares of citrus groves.

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