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The COP News in 5' is fresh from the oven!!!

14 JULY 2020

What the COP is up to: Orange Identity Issue, Citrus Greening Disease Novel Treatments, Decoding the reclassification of Citrus species, Amygdalin in cherry juices & The Fruity Question of the month.


How the AIJN Code of Practice Helps the Fruit Juice Industry

5 MAY 2020

Article published in Food Safety Magazine and written by our Technical and Scientific Affairs Manager, Dr. Alejandra Aguilar Solis.


Dietitian's view: Vitamin C and immunity

6 APRIL 2020

Fruit Juice Matters researched the role of vitamin C in supporting normal immune function and highlighted in a report how 100% fruit juices are an important natural dietary source of this vitamin. The story was covered in detail by NutraIngredients.

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