Composition of the Code of Practice Group

The Code of Practice (COP) reference guidelines are prepared by a group of internationally well-known experts in the fruit juice industry. Present are representatives of the processing industry, packaging industry, universities, institutes and commercial laboratories. 

The Code of Practice Expert Group is a sub-group of the AIJN Technical Committee.

The main activity of the expert group is the development and maintenance of the Code of Practice for evaluation of fruit juices. Other activities of the group include: 

  • follow up of the revision of the EU Fruit Juice Directive; 
  • follow up of the drafting of the Codex Standard Fruit Juices; development of the hygiene code; 
  • monitoring the additives and contaminants legislation (EU & Codex level); 
  • development of an aroma guideline; 
  • liaising with other (non-EU) regional juice associations on the COP.

The COP Expert Group consists of a Core Group which meets at least 2 times a year and a Support Group which meets at least once a year together with the Core Group.